Preston Farm is a community designed to accommodate emerging lifestyle trends for Active Adults (76 Million) and their Predecessors (the Silent Generation -23 Million). Identifying and understanding these lifestyle trends is the result of more than twenty (20) years of studying the efficacy of existing communities that target these populations. With a focus on health, comfort, convenience, security/safety, flexibility, independence, and longevity, the concepts of Environmental Influence, Community Influence, and Ecological Impact quickly emerged as three of the most critical and least understood (or ignored) elements limiting the success and often accelerating the failure of these existing communities to meet changing needs. As a result of these in-depth studies, Preston Farm has been able to identify and incorporate the desirable features of Environment (both natural and man-made), Community (both physical and social), and Ecology (the relationship between Community and Environment) into a pioneering concept for the development of future facilities to appropriately accommodate multi-generational independent lifestyle opportunities.