“Webster defines “amenity” as something that conduces (leads to) material comfort or convenience”. Preston Farm has expanded this definition to include a three dimensional matrix of not just something, but many things (environmental, edaphic, climatic, and biotic elements) that lead not only to material comfort and convenience, but also physiological, sociological, and psychological comfort and convenience – all of which are essential ingredients for comfort, opportunity, independence, safety and convenience for an extended period of time.



“One of Preston Farm’s many unique attributes is location. At the geographic center of Cary, Preston Farm is within walking distance of at least seventy (70) existing and /or planned and approved convenience, retail and personal service facilities (including 19 restaurants, 3 grocery stores, 3 banks, and 3 pharmacies), only a short golf cart ride from Prestonwood Country Club, less than two minutes from Public Safety (Fire, Rescue, and Police), only ten minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and within fifteen to thirty minutes of at least four major trauma centers (Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and Raleigh, and Wake Med- Cary and Raleigh). If buying a home is about location, then Preston Farm is about buying a home.


Unique Features

Preston Farm’s unique features include close proximity to just about everything that you might want or need, an owner directed operational concept that promotes independence and employs co-op style efficiencies for maintenance and convenience services, a Prestonwood Country Club relationship, and on-site amenities—not the least of which will include water features and gardens, a community center, on-site security, on-site management and convenience services.