When Architect and community founder Bill Sears first prepared the plans for Preston Farm, not one line was drawn without purpose. That’s because his vision was much greater than just constructing condominiums. It was to create both opportunity and an environment where residents could feel pampered and safe while right at home, a community in which its residents could take pride. and perhaps most importantly an environment where active adults could continue to thrive independently in a safe, healthy environment designed to comfortably accommodate a graceful transition into aging in place.

So as you explore the plans for Preston Farm and take note of the water features. the gardens, the landscaping, and living spaces-even the materials used to construct the buildings themselves-make no mistake, each and every element is 100% intentional. For example, we can all relate to the appeal of living near water, but what many people don’t realize is that this appeal goes far beyond aesthetics, as Bill Sears explained when asked to provide some examples of his intentional designs. "Water in different forms can have different, positive effects on our health. “A still reflecting pond or lightly trickling water can evoke quiet thoughtful moments and have calming stress-relieving effects. Conversely, louder, splashing water is exciting and can motivate!

Bill was particularly excited about the gardens, landscaping and the water features – all of which, he explained, were more than just a beautiful backdrop. "Gardens and landscaping remind us of regeneration and inspire healthy living and growth within ourselves. "They stimulate outdoor opportunities for interaction and creativity, whether it's visiting children launching a toy sailboat on the lake or someone setting up an easel and canvas to capture the scenery in painting and finally, Gardens enhance the Fringe environment and help support the wildlife within it.”

On a more practical level, universal accessibility or, in some cases, adaptability were taken into account within each home, as well as in the plan of the community. The goal as Bill explained, was to ensure residents could do the same things and go to the same places in the community, regardless of their physical condition now or later.

In terms of creating a sense of community, Preston Farm does this on multiple levels. “Community starts with your next-door neighbor, grows to include your building, continues to incorporate the Preston Farm community, and adjoining Prestonwood Country Club extends into the town of Cary and so on. We strive for inclusion at every level” said Bill.

Subject to Force Majeure circumstances beyond our control, Phase One occupancy is expected to begin in October of 2021.